Hope Mennonite Church
Saturday, September 19, 2020
Services are normally
at 10:00 AM
at Thomson Funeral Home
(669 Broadway., Winnipeg)

Crossways in Common

Hope Mennonite, a neighbourhood church

Most churches are built to be close to their parishioners.  In the case of Hope, which found a home in West Broadway almost 30 years ago, church members moved into the area to be close to the church. Almost half our members walk or bike to church and many us work or go to school in the immediate vicinity. We are fortunate to be part of a neighbourhood that is undergoing renewal and finding new life, and are pleased to be supporting this process through our presence and part ownership of Crossways in Common.

Located at the corner of Furby and Broadway, Crossways in Common was built on the site of the original Young United Church which burnt down in the 1980's.   Crossways  is now home to a day-care, a youth after school program, an adult learning centre, a drop-in centre and provides space for residents and community groups to meet, celebrate and share meals.  The building is also home to two congregations, Young United and Hope Mennonite as well as a community ministry supported by both churches.  Sharing a building and the sanctuary on Sundays has its challenges, but it is in keeping with the desire of the Hope congregation to be a part of the community and not  apart from the community.