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Given the current pandemic situation, Hope Mennonite is meeting regularly
via video conferencing.

In fall, Hope congregation met outside in a park with lots of trees

How we do Church: 

We seek to be fully inclusive of those who join us on Hope's journey.

Since the pandemic we have changed the way we do church. We've done Zoom meetings with sermons and sharing, we've done socially distanced gatherings in the park in large groups and gatherings in the park in smaller neighbourhood groups. And since it is always changing, please go to the Calendar Page for what's happening or contact the office for further information. 

Church Service Next Sunday

Learn more about what Hope Mennonite Church Looked like Prior to the Pandemic

Hope Mennonite's Worship Service



"Do justice.
Cherish the natural order.
Nurture people.
Learn from the world community.
Nonconform freely."

- Doris Janzen Longacre (author of More-with-less cookbook)