In-person Worship Service

At Thomson (669 Broadway)

In-person Worship Service: What you need to know

To attend our in-person service (these things are subject to change as the pandemic changes):

  • All eligible people are recommended to be fully vaccinated
  • Masks are required for anyone aged 5+, while in the building
  • Observe physical distancing of two metres between yourself/household and people from other homes

Info about Service: Our worship is held at 669 Broadway, Thomson Funeral Home, starting at 10:00AM. If you are not vaccinated (but eligible) or if you have symptoms, please join us online. If Hope can support you to figure out how to join online, contact one of the pastors: Lynell or Lisa.  Contact the pastors to learn more about online and outdoor Adult Ed, Children's Circle and Children's/Teen programs throughout the month.

What to wear: we are casual, wear what you want to wear.

What to expect: our service is approximately an hour long. There is corporate singing with masks on and distancing, a sermon, prayer, reflection time, a time of giving, sharing and announcements.

Join us Online: we will livestream our Thomson service. You are welcome to join us. Please contact the office for Zoom link. 

Children: are most welcome! During the service children are welcome and encouraged to be part of the service and sit with their parents in the sanctuary. Children 5+ are required to wear a mask. 

What is after the service? In November, 2021, we will not have in-person, indoor Adult Ed or Children's and youth programming, but contact Lynell and Lisa about online and outdoor programming through the month.

Accessibility: There is a ramp to get into the building as well as a ramp to get from the foyer to the sanctuary. There is an elevator to access the 2nd floor. There are wheelchair accessible washrooms on the second floor. We also have all-gender bathrooms on the main floor and second floor. In the sanctuary (right in the middle) there are a few spots reserved for those needing wheelchair areas.  We have audio devices for the hearing impaired.

2SLGBTQIA+ Full Inclusion: You are welcome. Hope Mennonite Church desires to follow Jesus' example of welcoming all people to God's table. In our context, this includes welcoming the 2SLGBTQIA+ community and affirming their full inclusion and participation in the life of our church. 

Bike and Stroller Parking: is available in the Thomson Funeral Home garage - come to the west side of the building, and there will be someone there to assist you.

Car Parking: you can park in the Thomson parking lot on the northeast corner of Sherbrook and Broadway.