Children's Circle and Youth

Hope Mennonite joyfully welcomes Children and Youth!


We offer Children’s Circle and Youth programs about 3 times per month, after the Sunday service (during Adult Education), approx. 11:15 – 12:00.  During warmer weather it will be outdoors at a nearby park, and during the colder months, indoors at Thomson.

Please contact the office for more information.



Children's Circle INDOORS

Children’s Singing:  On the Sundays we have indoor Children’s Circle a few of Hope’s talented musicians will lead the children aged 2 – 12 in Children’s Singing Time for about 20 minutes; 11:15 – 11:35.

Children's Circle for Children aged 2-5: At least one parent/guardian per child or sibling set, please attend.  Children have a snack, hear a Bible story with Godly Play curriculum, and do an art or drama or other activity relating to the story.

Children's Circle for Children aged 6-11:
 We use Shine and Joyful Path curricula, including stories and activities.  Parents are welcome but not required to attend. 



Children's Circle OUTDOORS:

When we meet outdoors, children aged 0 – 12 meet, along with at least one parent or guardian per child or sibling set.  Families hear a story inspired by the Wild Church movement, and have a chance to explore and reflect.



Youth INdoors:

We use a variety of curricula and resource people. Youth often have a once a month fun activity outside of regular church hours.  This year, Hope Youth are welcome to join eight other Mennonite Church Youth groups for activities approximately once per month!

Youth Outdoors:

When youth meet outdoors, two youth leaders will lead an activity or host a special guest speaker.  Parents welcome, but not required, to attend.